The New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium or NESCLiC is an association of academic libraries, joined as a community of practice focused on building data science skills in research computing, and extracting, wrangling, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data. NESCLiC allows member institutions to share in a Gold-level membership with the Carpentries.

Since being founded in 2017, NESCLiC has enabled 68 instructors from 13 institutions to become certified, and has hosted or taught at over 30 Carpentry events.

Our Model

NESCLiC member institutions share a Carpentries membership, which affords NESCLiC 6 free coordinated workshops, a 50% discount on the cost for additional coordinated workshops, no charge for self-organized workshops, and fifteen instructors trained, per year.

NESCLiC provides the opportunity for members to:

  • Develop instructional materials

  • Build a network of data fluent researchers and instructors

  • Refine skills by participating as instructors at other member institutions

Financial commitment: Cost of shared Carpentry membership (~$1000/person) plus training expenses (travel or hosting, if required)

Time commitment: (1) – two-day instructor training workshop, plus committee work

NESCLiC has established bylaws and members contribute to the consortium by participating in one of several roles:

  • Carpentries liaison

  • Membership/Recruiting

  • Assessment

  • Outreach

  • Workshop coordination

Become a Member

Interested in joining NESCLiC? Email: